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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

serious play begins

Last time I said I wish to lean on rythm's FAQ and that's true!

maqsuum 4/4
D-T-__T-D-__T-__| [MIDI]basic form
D-T-kkT-D-kkT-kk| [MIDI]filled
D-S-tkS-D-tkS-tk| [MIDI]accented

baladii 4/4

D-D-__T-D-__T-__| [MIDI]basic form
D-D-tkT-D-tkT-tk| [MIDI]filled
D-D-t-S-D-t-S-tk| [MIDI]"Egyptian Classical"

The green are my trained rythms which I can play easy after a training, I will play them very often.

The yellow - my modification (kk instead of tk) - but I will learn tk next time, I promise

The red one is difficult, slap isn't an easy strike. not a clear tone. much to practice.

that's my work to do! this is now my only training, not a bizzare rythms which are to heavy.

And some fitness also:

this gives a power and endurance for a drummer :)

Some things which I noticed:

much cleaner tone when a left hand strikes 2 times (kk) instead of striking only with 2 fingers - not a clear tone because of weak fingers maybe...

What makes me happy: I can feel familiar with Darbuka, I was thinking the drum is damaged or of a bad kind (weak sound), that is not true :)

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