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Friday, February 24, 2012

Malfuf with double ka and some other good rythms

today was my second session with Darbuka. I learned to play malfuf with double ka's.

The second try was the same malfuf with double ka, but with split finger technique.

This was difficult try, I must repeat it very often, left right hand isolation is here a must.

Another try with Rakka ta sequence. This time I tried to slowly increase speed. I see a slight difference with yesterday's tries, so training is good for me :)

And today I also trained slapping. This is not so easy, tutorials on yt say you must slap the place where doum is, this isn't absolutely right for me as beginner. You must try it before you can reach the right sound.

The next step was mastering ka's. Left hand is called "weak" hand. So it is mine, weak and poor.

I also trained left ka and tek one after another. I was "stretching" my speed. It is not easy for novice drummer :]

I also trained maksum rythm with ka's filling gaps. (I would not give any credits about it, it is very difficult for me right now)

And something for the end :)
My favourite rythm which I may play as begginer :]
D D D tk tk T k


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  1. Wow, widzę, że ostro się bierzesz do ćwiczeń.:)