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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Hello my Dear Friends,

I just received my ordered darbuka, so today is the first day to create this blog.

I am Pepe and I come from Poland (Europe). As you can see this is first post, so I will intruduce myself a little bit. I am 30 years old and starting to play darbuka drum. I have a turkish darbuka from Masterwork - red vinyl covered.

I have bought it for my learning purposes as a used instrument. Maybe for some time, when I will play intermediate good, I will buy another one with better parameters... but this is quite different matter now.

I live in Poland, Poland is not so familiar with darbuka's or even djembe's drums. We are dominated by western pop-culture. Our folklore music uses violins, accordions, maybe some other instruments too..

Why I do love darbuka? It's sound is so common in arabic music. I hear this kind of music nearly half of my life, intensively 8 years back. Now I can see this is the time for me to try it.

So let me start this blog :) ... If you are begginer you can contact me at: and we can exchange our experience. If you are pro, it would be nice to hear you comments :)

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