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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Darbuka play is geting serious, each day!

Hello Dear Players,

staying sharp, staying focused on learning Darbuka play?
I am not as many, quick starter and best learner around, but month after month, when my passion comes back, I sit down in my basement and drum, still not as a semi-pro, but each day, month - take great benefit from each training session.

Maybe some day I put here my current "solo's" achievements, like constant play, rythm swaping during play and many "arrangements" I do on my own, not staying under any influence from pro drummer!

This is adventure to learn this exciting drum to play, so stay tuned, your comments would be nice to read under this!


Friday, February 1, 2013

nearly a year is passed by...

...By learning darbuka :) This instrument has "soul", I can tell. I have had a pause until today. I took the drum in my hands and everything remains the same! I know the rythms, I can feel the drum, but... the fingers are weaker than I thought they are! It doesn't matter, I can play and feel some mature feelings of drumplay, A year of my drumming record is passing by:) Today I rebuilded my self confidence and started to drum like this: D-D-k-T-D-k-T-k

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

a short pause right now

... but I promise, will be back with new darbuka experiences... Darbuka playing is like riding a bike, once you've learned you never forget it :)


Friday, July 6, 2012

hi there,

I am learning to play smoothly. I have mastered some basic rythms and I can play fast! the speed is increasing and this gives me satisfaction.
I may see a major change in keeping the instrument. Now I can drum while standing.
I see when I walk while playing, this makes good for learning simultanous drumming and combining rythms.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

I am still here :]

I am currently training joining rythms while playing continously.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

skill and power

a real fun with my darbuka just begins :) I really see some serious progress in my "stress drumming" of maqsuum :D
this is very fine when I could enjoy it.

some credits maybe later,
stay tuned :] (and subscribe)


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

serious play begins

Last time I said I wish to lean on rythm's FAQ and that's true!

maqsuum 4/4
D-T-__T-D-__T-__| [MIDI]basic form
D-T-kkT-D-kkT-kk| [MIDI]filled
D-S-tkS-D-tkS-tk| [MIDI]accented

baladii 4/4

D-D-__T-D-__T-__| [MIDI]basic form
D-D-tkT-D-tkT-tk| [MIDI]filled
D-D-t-S-D-t-S-tk| [MIDI]"Egyptian Classical"

The green are my trained rythms which I can play easy after a training, I will play them very often.

The yellow - my modification (kk instead of tk) - but I will learn tk next time, I promise

The red one is difficult, slap isn't an easy strike. not a clear tone. much to practice.

that's my work to do! this is now my only training, not a bizzare rythms which are to heavy.

And some fitness also:

this gives a power and endurance for a drummer :)

Some things which I noticed:

much cleaner tone when a left hand strikes 2 times (kk) instead of striking only with 2 fingers - not a clear tone because of weak fingers maybe...

What makes me happy: I can feel familiar with Darbuka, I was thinking the drum is damaged or of a bad kind (weak sound), that is not true :)